Fighting Period Poverty, 1 Pad At A Time

Fighting Period Poverty, 1 Pad At A Time

Sponsor a Woman's Lifetime of Pad Supply

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Donation Total: $5,000


Why Donate?

Period poverty affects millions of women globally. Roughly half of the world’s population is of reproductive age and menstruates every month. Menstruation can take a physical, mental and financial toll on those already struggling tomake the ends meet.


Pads are Used in Lifetime by a Woman

10 – 15

Pads are Used Per Cycle

$1,000 – $2,000

Spent in a Lifetime by Women on Period Products

How Can You Contribute?

By donating 1000 USD, you can support a woman for a lifetime of provision of menstrual hygiene products.

We are providing menstrual health awareness and hygiene products on a monthly basis to women living in remote areas all around the globe.


We Care About You

Have access to a personal dashboard where you can view the progress and utilization of funds.

Get a 30% discount for a lifetime on the premium biodegradable  menstrual products.

Be part of the campaign by contributing to our global period education and awareness centers.

We Care About You