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Help Us Eliminate Period Poverty From Earth

Jute pad story

The Jute Pad Story

In the heart of innovation, a groundbreaking solution to period poverty emerged – the 4-in-1 core jute plant sanitary pad, designed by MIT award-winning scientist Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan. This revolutionary eco-friendly pad will be flushable, plastic-free, and biodegradable.

The ripple effect of this innovation will spread hope, dignity, and opportunities, breaking the taboos surrounding menstruation and creating a world where every woman can afford and embrace her period with pride and boundless possibilities.

We need your support to bring this revolutionary dream into reality!

Jute pads degrade within 6 Months

1200 Times Faster Than Plastic Pads

The Jute Pad

Help Us Eliminate Period Poverty From Earth

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Period poverty affects millions of women globally.

The ZamZam Foundation aims to address Period Poverty by providing low-cost, completely plastic-free, and easily accessible menstrual hygiene products that are eco-friendly, affordable to buy, and even free for underserved communities. Join us in creating a brighter future by supporting our efforts to help women, empower them, and eradicate period poverty.

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Help Us Eliminate Period Poverty From Earth