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Ppoverty is an initiative of a U.S. based non-profit charity organization – ZamZam Foundation, Inc., focused on improving awareness and the menstrual health of women worldwide through various projects aimed at fostering women’s education, health, employment, and empowerment.

Jute pad is one amazing project we are currently executing to eliminate period poverty from the Earth by creating organic biodegradable sanitary pads made of jute plant fibers to not only help women prevent menstrual diseases but also as an earth-loving and easily decomposable alternative to traditional sanitary pads. We aim to support three essential verticals of our mission through this project.


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Creating eco-friendly and sustainable products to continuously support the three pillars of society –

People, Planet, and Products – is what keeps us moving forward.


Our vision is to create effective hygiene products for women by disrupting the traditional way of manufacturing sanitary pads and inventing a new way by creating an earth-loving biodegradable product, in addition to positively impacting women’s health, building a better society, and saving the planet from plastic pollution.

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We are ready to give this project everything we have, and we need your support to make it happen!
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