Aurora Food Pantry Pad Distribution Drive

Aurora Food Pantry, in conjunction with ZamZam Foundation, orchestrated an impactful Pad Distribution Drive, extending vital support to combat period poverty in the local community. The drive, comprising four distribution events, facilitated the provision of over 5500 sanitary pads to women in need, addressing the pressing issue of menstrual hygiene.

This collaborative effort stands as a testament to the ZamZam Foundation’s unwavering dedication to women’s well-being. Beyond the distribution of pads, the event served as a platform for educating and spreading awareness about menstrual wellness, particularly among those facing resource constraints.

The Foundation’s spokesperson highlighted the significance of knowledge in empowering women and reiterated their commitment to organizing monthly campaigns and drives, aiming to empower women with both resources and vital knowledge for improved menstrual health.

The success achieved in collaboration with Aurora Food Pantry marks a pivotal stride in ZamZam Foundation’s ongoing mission to empower women and create a future devoid of period poverty. The Foundation invites all supporters to join us in this transformative journey, emphasizing that collective contributions, regardless of size, create a tangible impact.

For more information on upcoming events and initiatives, visit ZamZam Foundation’s website or reach out via email at info@zamzam180.org.


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